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Wallscape Advertising l Products & Services

Wallscape advertising provides opportunity to turn walls of huge buildings and commercial structures into advertisement sites. It can be found on the sides of apartment buildings, parking garages and other various high profile buildings throughout a city. Wallscapes are usually located on highly trafficked streets, highways and road intersections allowing advertisers o reach their target audience where they live, work and shop.
Wallscape advertising structures target both vehicular and pedestrian traffics of city professionals as well as tourists and are great for branding and creative campaigns. Wallscape advertisements cost more than the traditional or conventional billboards due to some regulatory factors. However, the extra cost can be worth it because they stand out more than the traditional billboards and are often in high traffic locations.

Benefits Of Wallscape Advertisements
Usually large and highly impactful
Capitalize on unique building shapes and sizes
Quick to build and maintain top of mind awareness
Deliver your messages 24/7, thereby delivering high frequency
Reach both vehicular and pedestrian traffics
Custom design, allow a wide variety of creativity
Visible across a long distance, hence dominate the landscape and draw viewers
Towering above the street lamp posts and traditional billboards, thereby creating spectacular landmarks

Wallscape may seem like a new and trendy form of advertising, but in fact they represent an old and savvy way in which advertisers can take advantage of wall spaces on well positioned buildings to create awareness and build their brands.