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Triple A Outdoor services are comprehensive by providing other ancillary services to our esteemed clients, with our broad knowledge, experience and expertise in out-of home (OOH) development and management pan Nigeria, billboard auditing comes as a natural fit. We have worked with multinational clients using OOH medium to achieve remarkable and significant results in cost savings and reallignment of billboard formats to reach target markets.

Other Services Include:
Review and analysis of local and state specific rules, regulations and by-laws as they relate to outdoor advertising.
Audit and review of existing billboard structures to give appropriate recommendations in tandem with the state regulatory framework.
Traffic count review and analysis for audience measurement to ascertain estimated value of advertising structure.
Psychographic, demographic review and analysis to ensure target markets are ultimately reached thru appropriate positioning of billboard structures.
We can also serve as an outdoor agency to regulate, control and manage the activities and operations of outdoor suppliers to the utmost benefits and delight of advertisers.