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Digital billboard creates digital images that are changed by a remote computer every few seconds. This billboard is primarily used for advertising but could also serve the general public interest. A digital billboard is created using Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology and is also referred to as electronic billboard (e-billboard). Although the technologies may vary widely, digital billboards all require some type of content source to generate the images on the screen. Moreover, the LED billboard revolution in outdoor advertising has just begun.

Advantages of Digital Billboard
More flexible and unique than the standard printed billboards
Content can be changed and switched much easier
Interesting and unique messages from digital billboard create brand awareness
Provides more effective medium for advertisers
Can be used to display multiple advertisers’ messages timely

Though there have been concerns from some quarters regarding road safety where digital billboards are present. It appears there is no effective technique or method (for now) that is appropriate for evaluating the safety effects of electronic billboards on drivers’ attention or distraction.
We, in Triple A Outdoor Limited believe strongly that the future of outdoor advertising is digital and the company is making considerable investment in this direction.