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Corporate Governance

Triple A deals with a wide range of groups with highly disparate concerns. We deal with not just government departments, customers (advertisers and agencies), commercial partners, public bodies, associations and communities but also our employees and shareholders.

In order to meet sustainable development objectives, the company has to creatively deploy all its resources to sustain the required balance among all stakeholders. The implementation of corporate responsibility process demonstrates the company’s wish to contribute through its products and services to the development of the communities in which it operates.

The company is involved in corporate citizenship process with the following primary aims:
To unite its team members around common ethical values
To provide products and services that are of great value to advertisers in particular and Nigerian citizens in general
To act and promote urban safety and beautification
To enhance peaceful co-existence and rapport among all stakeholders
To support community action programmes.

We constantly strive to improve our products, services and procedures to further boost our image and to create within the industry a stimulating corporate culture with which Triple A can always be identified.