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Indoor advertising can deliver a captive audience across target markets. It has been proven to obtain a high recall rate of 62% within 30days and also works well when combined with other media to help build your brands. Indoor signage can be strategically displayed in restaurants, bars, night clubs, health clubs, college and university campuses, sports bars, gyms, hotels, theaters, apartment communities, department stores, shopping malls, restrooms, office parking and elevators, airports, medical waiting rooms and other retail spaces.

The broad range of venues allows a target audience by gender, demographic profile or geographical area. Indoor signage reaches captive audience at a time when there are few distractions.


Offers opportunity to engage with people on their path to make a purchase.
Ability to deliver a highly targeted audience defined by a lifestyle, gender and social behavior.

Compared to all other traditional print media, indoor signage is the most cost effective.

Has higher recall rate than other media.
Receives consumer undivided attention for minimum of 2-3 minutes