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Triple A Advantage

Triple A is an Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising agency that has built capacity and inventory of specialized outdoor advertising products uniquely tailored to meet the needs of today’s advertising industry.

The difference starts with our products. Our billboard structures are constructed of 100% steel and we proudly boast they are some of the best maintained in the industry. We empower advertisers with ability to reach consumers on the move like no one else; delivering your messages to today’s discerning and active consumers is what we do best.

We continuously challenge the status-quo in OOH advertising space by offering our clients good quality, innovative and very impactful advertising platform.

Let us demonstrate to you how we can reach your target audience where they live, work, shop and play to achieve your advertising goals. Our priority is to understand your unique customized needs and to provide you with superior OOH products and services that will exceed expectations.

By partnering with us you are guaranteed a value-for-money investment and exposure above the cluster that connects you with your target audience at all our points of presence.

Our team and admin staff are dedicated to helping you connect with consumers and achieving maximum impact from your advertising investments. We provide unmatched industry experience and excellent customer service in all areas of operations. Some of them are
 listed below:
Wide geographical coverage in terms of locations
Variety of media products
Media planning services
Campaign monitoring (proof of performance)
Instant postings of national messages
High visual integrity and re-cyclability of our products
Target desired consumers for maximum return
Sense of urgency and transparency in all our contractual obligations
Superb service delivery guaranteed

Marketing communication is our forte and our only specialty is OOH
advertising, hence we work seamlessly with advertisers to build reputation,
image and brand.